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News & Offers for earning and redeeming miles with Hilton HHonors

21. Apr. 06Hilton HHonors
No Blackout Dates for Hilton HHonors Gold VIP
  Hilton removed all blackout dates for Gold VIP members. If there's a room available, you can redeem your HHonors points for a free night. more
22. Dec. 05Hilton HHonors
Transfer of Points between members is now possible
  HHonors members can now transfer HHonors bonus points to other HHonors members that can be used towards hotel stays, airline tickets or any other Hilton HHonors reward. HHonors points can be transferred to any other HHonors member in increments of 10,000 points, at a cost of $25.00 per 10,000 points. This rate applies to all points transferred up to 200,000. After 200,000 points have been transferred in one calendar year, all additional transfers are free of charge. more
8. Feb. 05Hilton HHonors
Hilton HHonors qualifying period for VIP Status now the last 12 months
  Starting now, you can earn or maintain your VIP status based on qualifying stays, nights or Base points earned in a rolling 12-month consecutive period. Other hotel reward programs only count earnings within a calendar year (January 1 through December 31). more
18. Jan. 05Hilton HHonors / T-Mobile
  Switch to the T-Mobile network when you roam in the UK and the Netherlands and earn 10 HHonors bonus points for every minute of every call you make. more