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Omni Hotels Select Guest    Omni Hotels Select Guest

Details for Omni Hotels Select Guest

Select Guest Members earn one free night for every 10 stays at a Omni Hotel.
Validity:Omni Hotels Select Guest membership is automatically renewed every two years with at least one stay at Omni Hotels in the previous 24-month period.

Membership Levels

Omni Hotels Select Guest has three membership levels: Gold, Platinum and Black.
LevelBenefitsActivity needed
Gold- Complimentary WiFi-Service.
- Express Check-In and check-Out.
- Complimentary Newspaper.
If you join the program you are automatically in the Gold level.
Platinum- Guaranteed room availability with 24 prior notice.
- Late Check-Out.
- Room Upgrades if available.
You'll reach the Platinum Level after 6 nights or three stays during the year.
Black- 10am check-in.
- Guaranteed room availability up to 4pm on the day of arrival.
After 20 nights or 11 stays within one year you'll be awarded with the black level.

Earn miles

PartnersMileage Calculation
Omni Hotel
Stay 10 nights at Omni, and you earn one night on any future stay

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