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Golden Tulip Flavours    Golden Tulip Flavours

Details for Golden Tulip Flavours

Guests of Golden Tulip Hotels earn Points with the Flavours-Program that can be used towards free stays.
Validity:Between 12 months and two years depending on the tier level

Membership Levels

There are three membership levels: Advanced, Silver and Gold
LevelBenefitsActivity needed
- Priority on waiting lists
- Room Upgrades, when available.
- Validity of points of 12 months.
This is the entry level
- Early check-in.
- Late check-out.
- Validity of points: 18 months.
After spending 10 nights in a period of 12 months at any of the participating hotels you will be upgraded to the Silver Membership.
- Free use of welness facilities.
- Validity of points of 2 years.
After 30 nights or more in a period of 12 months you will get the Flavours Gold-Card.

Earn miles

PartnersMileage Calculation
Golden Tulip Hotels4 Points per spend 1 EUR
Royal Tulip4 Points per spend 1 EUR
Tulip Inns4 Points per spend 1 EUR
Tulip Residences4 Points per spend 1 EUR

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