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Riu Hotels Riu Class

Details for Riu Hotels Riu Class

Guests of Riu Hotels can earn points towards free stays with the Royalty Program Riu Class.
Validity:All the points you have accrued will expire if no movement has been registered in your Riu Class account during the two years following the check-out date of your last visit.
Transferable:No, earned points can not be transferred.

Membership Levels

There are three Riu Class membership levels: Classic, Gold and Diamond.
LevelBenefitsActivity needed
Riu Class Classic- Special offers and promotions.This is the entry level for Riu Class.
Riu Class Gold- Welcome gift at the Hotel.
- 100% bonus points.
- Free Late check-out
You’ll receive a Riu Club Gold card if you accumulate 1,600 Riu Class points over a period of 2 consecutive years.
Riu Class Diamond- Triple points per stay.
- Express check-in.
- Free Room Upgrade.
You'll be given the Diamond Card after you accumulate 5,000 Riu Class points in your account over a period of 2 consecutive years

Earn miles

PartnersMileage Calculation
Riu Hotels
between 7 and 55 points per night, depending on hotel class and season

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