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Thalys TheCard    Thalys TheCard

Details for Thalys TheCard

TheCard is the loyalty program of the european rail company Thalys.
Validity:Miles expire after two years.

Membership Levels

There are three membership tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
LevelBenefitsActivity needed
TheCard SilverThis is the entry level.
TheCard Gold- 100% bonus miles.
- Loungeaccess.
Using a Thalys Train ten times a year earns you the Gold Status.
TheCard Platinum- Upgrading on some services.
- reserved parking spaces.
To reach Platinum Status, you`ll need to take a Thalys Train more than 28 times a year.

Earn miles

PartnersMileage Calculation
Thalys1 Miles per spend 1 EUR

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