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The Elite was the loyalty club established to recognise and reward Dragonair's most frequent travellers and valued customers. In 2006 Dragonair became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific and the airline announced that its own loyalty programme, The Elite, would merge into that of Cathay Pacific's (The Marco Polo Club) from 1 January 2007.
Remarks:Members of The Elite can still earn and redeem points through the Asia Miles or JAL Mileage Bank programmes.

Membership Levels

There are four levels of membership in The Elite: Platinum; Gold; Blue; and Red. Entry is at the Red-tier level. The criteria for joining The Elite, maintaining Red-tier membership and upgrading to the next level is based on how often you fly with Dragonair. To upgrade your level of membership you need a certain amount of Elite miles or Elite Sectors flown. You earn 150% of the flown miles or 1.5 Elite Sectors for each flight with Dragonair in Firstclass. For a flight in Business Class you'll receive 125% of the flown miles or 1.25 Elite Sectors. For an Economy Ticket you earn 100% of the flown miles as Elite Miles or 1 Elite Sector. When you fly with a discounted economy ticket you still earn 50% of the flown miles or 0.5 Elite Sectors.
LevelBenefitsActivity needed
Red- Advance Seat Reservation.
- Priority Check-in at dedicated The Elite Counters.
- 15% In-flight Sales Shopping Discount.
To renew the red level, you need to fly at least 8,000 miles or 8 sectors.
Blue- Priority Waitlisting.
- Priority Baggage Handling.
- 10 Admissions per year to the KA Lounge in Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei and Kaohsiung when flying with Dragonair.
- 20% In-flight Sales Shopping discount.
To upgrade from Red to Blue Level, you need to fly at least 15,000 miles or 15 sectors. To renew this status, you need another 15,000 miles or 15 sectors per year.
Gold- Guaranteed Seat in Economy Class with 72 hours notice.
- Priority Check-In at First Class or Business Class counter.
- 10kg extra Baggage allowance.
- Unlimited Access to KA Lounges in Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Beijing. Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo and Taipei when flying with Dragonair (plus one guest).
- Priority Boarding.
To upgrade from Blue to Gold you need to fly at least 30,000 miles or 30 sectors. For renewal of this level of membership you need another 30,000 miles or 30 sectors per year.
Platinum- Priority Waitlisting for you and up to four travelling companions.
- Garanteed Seat in Economy Class with 48 hours notice.
- 15kg extra baggage allowance.
- Access to the KA Lounges with two guests.
For an upgrade from Gold to Platinum Level you need to earn 60.000 Miles or fly 60 sectors. To renew this level you need to earn 150.000 miles or 150 sectors in 36 months.

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