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Hertz #1 Awards    Hertz #1 Awards

Details for Hertz #1 Awards

As a # 1 Club member or # 1 Club Gold member, you are eligible to participate in the Hertz # 1 Awards Program. You can earn # 1 Awards Points on qualifying Hertz rentals at participating locations. You can redeem your #1 Awards Points for Hertz rental certificates or exchange them for points with any of our participating airline and hotel partners frequency programs. You must be a resident of U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, or St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. to participate in the program.
Validity:Points earned are valid for two years from the end of the calendar year within which they were earned.
Transferable:Neither participation in the Program nor Program Points are transferable.

Earn miles

 Car rental
PartnersMileage Calculation
Hertz Car Rental1 #1 Awards Point per spend 1 US$

Transfer Miles

Transfer to ... from Hertz #1 AwardsRatio
Amtrak Guest Rewards600 #1 Awards Point = 500 Points
Delta Skymiles600 #1 Awards Point = 500 Miles

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