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Taj InnerCircle    Taj InnerCircle

Details for Taj InnerCircle

The Taj InnerCircle is the frequent guest programme of the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces.
Validity:InnerCicle Points are valid for two years
Transferable:No, Points are not transferrable

Membership Levels

All members begin with Blue membership. The more they stay and dine at The Taj, the easier it gets to move up from Blue through Silver to Gold.
LevelBenefitsActivity needed
BlueThis is the entry level and there are no requirements to get this level of membership.
Silver- Check in and departure formalities are easier.
- Members receive a 10% discount on rooms rack rates at our leisure hotels only in India.
- A 10% discount on telephone and fax usage.
- A 15% discount on laundry services.
- A 20% discount on Business Centre services.
- Members can receive double occupancy benefits at no extra cost.
- Members are entitled to a priority wait-list.
To move up to Silver, members need to earn 250 Points in a continuous period of 60 days. To retain the Silver status, members need to earn 1000 Points in every subsequent period of 24 months.
Gold- Points accrual @ of 1 Point for every Rs. 80 spent (net of taxes)
- Non-alcoholic welcome drink
- Preferred daily newspapers at metro hotels
To upgrade to the Gold tier - the highest level, members needs to earn 2000 Points in a 12-month period. To renew the Gold membership, 1000 Points need to be accrued in every subsequent 12-month period.

Earn miles

PartnersMileage Calculation
Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces1 Points per spend 100 RS

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